Growth vs Income Investment

Investing is a tricky business when you are looking in from the outside, but once you make the plunge. Well, things start taking on a new image. As I was starting this journey, I didn't remember a single things of all the things that I used to know and I just decided to start very slow and very conservatively. I started with savings account with a "High" yield, which means to say they are 2%, in order words negligible. If anything I should probably buy bread and sell it few m

Goal Setting and Investment Plan

I have a friend of mine who used to say:" Aim for the stars, if you Fail, you'll end up in the sky" or something of the sort, I don't remember it accurately; nevertheless it is the one quote that comes to mind when I think of what I want to accomplish in the very short term. I have decided to set a goal for myself. I want to reach 500K usd savings in the next 3 years. If you've read the blog from the beginning you know my bank accounts are all laughing at the same time. Howev