Dividend Report (first ever) Feb 2019

I woke up last December on Christmas eve and I had an epiphany of sorts. I was suddenly aware that my financial life was in shambles. I am the kind of person that likes plans. I plan for five, ten years in advance at a time depending on the subject and I just realized that as far as my money was concerned I had not done it. I have two kids for whom I had not started RESPs, my RRSP was near empty, my TFSA non existant. In January, I opened an account with Questrade (affiliate

How to reach FIRE in five minutes

In order to reach financial independence and retire in five minutes you need to do this and I mean NOW: Step 1. Own a time machine Step 2. Go back in time, tell your young youself to invest everything you have in Apple stock, come back to the present, wait 5 mins and Tadaaaa..... Now, pay me $29.99!! I know, I know, the sarcasm is real. But I have just been bombarded by so many ads lately about people who are trying to show me, how I can make $1k in 30 days or less, or more