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Amazon FBA Venture

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The journey into Amazon FBA venture is an interesting one thus far. I have bought all the recommended software. I went all in, I bought them ALL !!! I spent nights, and days going through all of them.

My first impression was that it was quite some impressive piece of data mining software, whomever came up with them should be thanked, although I find that it does come short in certain areas; but it may also be that it is Amazon that doesn't let them mine the data properly.

Anyway, I have the tools, I have the ideas in terms of product that I could sell, I plug them into JungleScout.....drum roll..... it is an absolute and terrible idea !! Not one to be discouraged easily, I look for all the other product ideas I have and they are just not good enough. I quit and go back to YouTube.

I learn all the different techniques taught online, I find a few product, I get into high gear, fire up Alibaba. I'm speaking with some suppliers, then I experience a world of spammers. It was terrible, I have never blocked so many people at the same time in my entire life.

Now, you are wondering it still sounds great, how did you fare. well, at this point I haven't opened a seller's account. Crazy, eh? Well, I decide that I should probably start with that seeing as how, I may have the best product ever, but I will probably need to sell it somewhere. The opening of the account in itself will be another post, but long story short, I try and the Amazon bot denies me..... It DENIES me, the self proclaimed future millionaire with the killer product and the right attitude...

Do I quit? No... What do I do you ask? Purchase an Amazon FBA course....(Hang head in shame)

And it helps.... Tell you all about it next time.

#AmazonFBA #FutureSelfMadeMillionaire #OwnBoss

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