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Amazon FBA Venture Part II

My wealth acquisition venture has taken me along the path of starting a business, and in this century online businesses are the most worthy of such a venture. I have purchased a course for Amazon FBA. I have been going through it and realized where I actually went wrong. (As I mentioned in my previous post, I had an issue whereby I wasn't able to open a seller account, it kept on getting suspended),

Along many things the course has taught me:

· How to setup the account

· Avoid the common mistakes (important bit)

· All the different methods for product research (besides what I had in mind)

· How to understand that a product is seasonal

There are many other useful lessons within the course, but I obviously won't list them all here. However, should you want to get the course, you may go here. It is a great course and substantially less than the ones I have seen on the market which costs a lot, besides this one comes with the direct one-on-one mentorship of the "guru"( at least for the time being, I'll update the post when he no longer does that).

Now, that I have successfully opened an account, I have products being manufactured in China. One thing worth mentioning is that I haven't chased a product that would be a hard hitter like they seem to advocate online. I chose to get products, which would bring in a decent income. My goal here is not chasing the 7 figures selling on the platform, I am trying to collect some income that will supplement my savings and investment goals; should I find in the future that it is bringing in a lot I will definitely switch and make it my main source of revenue.

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