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How to reach FIRE in five minutes

In order to reach financial independence and retire in five minutes you need to do this and I mean NOW:

Step 1. Own a time machine

Step 2. Go back in time, tell your young youself to invest everything you have in Apple stock, come back to the present, wait 5 mins and Tadaaaa..... Now, pay me $29.99!!

I know, I know, the sarcasm is real. But I have just been bombarded by so many ads lately about people who are trying to show me, how I can make $1k in 30 days or less, or more if only and only if I would buy their course for X amount.

Don't get me wrong, not all are crooks. Some of the people actually do teach you necessary skills that will allow you to earn a living with that newly acquired know how.

However, you will never find those people telling you that their solution is the one to get you rich in a few seconds and for no effort at all. My dad used to say that nothing worthy is easy, don't expect it for this journey either.

I myself have set my goals a bit high, and I can already say that I am moving forward, not as fast as I would like (I don't have the time machine) but still it is progress.

In my experience (albeit limited, it grows everyday though) I will tell you that the way to reach financial independence is to understand what you want to achieve. To set a goal and make sure it is realistic. Meaning will it sustain your lifestyle? Because some people may be able to live on 30K a year, whereas others require substantially more.

Once you have that number, the next thing is to be consistent in your approach to saving/investing. If you area able set up automatic savings it is the best way to do it. If you don't have to think about it, you won't forget and you won't give yourself options (excuses really) not to do it. However, saving automatically implies that you have already figured out what type of investor you are and that you have already chosen the different type of investment vehicles that suits you. So, start by researching that, I wrote a post that can get you started on that here.

Last advice, don't wait start now, everyday and every little bit counts !!

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