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I should start...but where?

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

It has now been a few days since I started my financial awakening. I have watched countless hours of YouTube, I have tried to absorb all of it, but the old saying goes that too much choice kills the choice. I just don't know where to start.

I have decided to try all of it. You heard me right, every little tip I have received I will try to do it. I will involve myself with just a few bucks as I go along, but at the very least I will have started. Whilst going through the many videos I stumbled upon a channel called "Wealth Hacker" done by a guy named Jeff Rose (you should check him out, he is legit).

Jeff Rose is a CFP, I like to think of him as my personal FP. I have been following his advice one after the other. However, he is based in the US, which means not all the options are available for those of us in the Great White North. It gets frustrating because some of the products sound interesting and we do not have their counterparts.

But I will not let it deter me, especially since I remember the financial irresponsibility of the US in the 2008 crisis. I know that the rules are there to protect us, and if I can't get that product, it probably means that I may be well off without. Most important part, those that I found, I have started and I am on my way to save via, GICs, RRSPs, LendingLoop, Wealthsimple....

I am doing it..........it feels liberating.....

Seriously, check Jeff Rose's website out #WealthHacker #FinancialCents

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