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Reasons for my FIRE journey

The financial independence/retire early journey stemmed out of an epiphany of some sort for myself. I woke up, felt inadequately prepared for retirement, and college funds for my kids. The introspection that ensued resulted in me looking for the reasons that pushed me towards the path I was on and the reasons that were keeping me on it, and most importantly was I interested in staying in a status quo.


As background, I am a project manager in the Energy sector; I travel a lot (I mean a looot). As an example in this month alone I have to be on 3 different continents within 3 weeks. It’s insane, and this counts as having pulled back since having my first kid.

First Reason

After thinking long and hard I realized I was missing quality time, even when I would take the children on the trip it would take so much out of me, I felt like I was definitely not doing well, either the taking care of the child, or the work. However, it taught me skills that I should share one of these days; I have taken traveling with a toddler (or two) down to a science. Hence, I want to cut down the traveling that is concurrent with work, if I do travel, it will be for leisure and purely leisure.

Second Reason

The WORK! The job itself has run its course. I feel like I have done it all. The challenge is gone. I have kept on going because it pays the bills, and I didn’t know any other way to get out of this perpetual grind.

Third reason

I want to start working on terms that I would choose. I would love to do something for which I would dictate when, where, and most importantly how to work. The working from anywhere appeals to me. I want stay close to the kids as much as possible and work from a place that I find comfortable. As far as the “how” is concerned it is more like dictating terms on deliverable and deadlines (or boring things of the sort).


I have decided to pursue a side hustle. I have invested in a course for Amazon FBA, which I am doing and hopefully it will grow to be a business. Furthermore, the business model in itself of Amazon FBA allows to stay at home (taking care of the constant travelling right there) and also it can be scaled up or down as I would see fit. It's also completely different from what I was doing, it still is exciting and I am yet to be bored. Besides, if selling a product has become too much of a routine, I can always switch to a new one. Honestly, I find that Amazon FBA is a great thing since I spend a lot of time trying to understand the product that I would be putting out there; doing all that research into those products is opening me to new things, that I wouldn't have otherwise known about.

Obviously, I have also started to invest my money wisely, instead of having it sit in a place where it earned negative return. I have even managed since starting to make some returns.

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