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Roll up my...err...a sleeve....

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

It is now 10 years, since I last saved money into my savings accounts. I log back in. I, rather, try to log back in; and find that I don't remember the password to all of that stuff. I go through the motions of speaking to customer service, get it set up once again, find out that there were some funds still in there, just a little but funds nonetheless and it gives me courage.

Now, where to start? I am basically light years away from where I should be. I have to win back all those years. I start by reading up on all the different products available (savings, GICs, Mutual Fund,etc...) and I..umm... decide that napping is also an investment with long term dividends of good health.....

However, 10 mins into the nap, it nags at me. I turn around and fire up YouTube to get myself educated, and boy have I missed on so many things....Tell you all about it, in the next one. The blog takes time out of my naps, I wonder if it will last....

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