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Something Big Is Coming

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I have now decided that becoming an entrepreneur is the way to go. I will be my OWN BOSS... Well, I haven't decided per se, YouTube has convinced me. Now, what should I do? Amazon FBA? Shopify? Arbitrage? There are so many ways to become financially independent if you were to listen to all the gurus online. I have decided that I will try Amazon FBA.

My first action is to read as much as possible on it. I have watched videos of "Gurus" but they all tend to want to sell you a course that goes for a thousand dollars or so. And I frankly am starting to think that they are not financially independent because of the FBA business or rather the course itself. I mean if you charge that much and have a couple hundred students, you have come into a good chunk of money. Nevertheless, I will persist and leave some of my skepticism in the top drawer.


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